You and Your Baby at Week 22 of Your Pregnancy

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You and Your Baby at Week 22 of Your Pregnancy

Week 22

At this point, you are over halfway through your pregnancy. This is an exciting time, with your baby growing rapidly and your body undergoing various adaptations to accommodate this growth.

How Big is Baby at 22 Weeks?

Your baby is getting bigger and bigger by the day! You'll probably want to talk and/or sing to your baby, which really helps with bonding.

At 22 weeks, your baby is about the size of a sweet potato, measuring around 27.8 cm from head to toe and weighing approximately 1 pound, or 450 grams. This week, your baby's lungs are developing, which means that he or she will be practising breathing to prepare for life on the outside.

As the tastebuds are now developing, your baby could be influenced by what you eat. So it's a good idea to stay away from junk food and eat as much fresh fruit and veg as possible.

Your Body at Week 22

Physical Changes: As your baby grows, you'll notice your bump expanding more visibly. This is a time when many women feel their best during their pregnancy, with the morning sickness of the first trimester behind them but with the more challenging third trimester yet to come.

Weight Gain: An average weight gain by this time is around 12 to 15 pounds, but this can vary greatly from woman to woman. It's important to continue a balanced diet and regular exercise, as recommended by your doctor or midwife.

Uterus Size: Your uterus is now about an inch above your belly button, and as it grows, you might start to experience some aches and pains around your abdomen and back.

Pregnancy Symptoms at Week 22

Increased Appetite: You might notice an increase in your appetite as your body requires more calories to support your growing baby. It's important to eat as healthily as possible for your wellbeing and that of your baby.

Swelling: Mild swelling of the feet and ankles is common due to increased body fluids. Keeping your feet elevated and staying hydrated can help reduce swelling.

Leg Cramps and Backaches: As your belly grows, it puts more strain on your back, leading to backaches. Leg cramps can also occur, often during the night. Gentle exercise, stretching, and adequate hydration can help alleviate these symptoms.

Skin Changes: You might notice changes in your skin, such as stretch marks, increased pigmentation, and a pregnancy glow due to increased blood flow and hormones.

Braxton Hicks Contractions: These are practice contractions and are usually painless. They are a normal part of pregnancy and a sign that your body is preparing for labour.

Dizziness and Lightheadedness: These symptoms can occur due to changes in blood pressure and blood volume. It's important to rise slowly after sitting or lying down and to stay well-hydrated.


Tips for a Healthy Week 22

Nutrition: Focus on a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats. Don't forget to include foods high in iron, calcium, and folic acid, or take supplements.

Exercise: Continue with gentle exercise like walking, swimming, or prenatal yoga. Exercise can help with energy levels, improve circulation, and prepare your body for childbirth.

Prenatal Care: Keep up with your prenatal appointments. These visits are crucial for monitoring your health and your baby's development.

Rest and Relaxation: Ensure you get enough rest. Practice relaxation techniques like deep breathing or meditation to help manage stress.

Preparation: This is a good time to start thinking about childbirth classes, preparing a birth plan, and beginning to get the nursery ready.


Week 22 of pregnancy is a milestone week for many reasons. Your baby is growing and developing at a rapid pace, and your body is undergoing significant changes to support this growth. It's important to take care of yourself through proper nutrition, exercise, and prenatal care. Remember, each pregnancy is unique, so it's always best to consult with your doctor or midwife regarding any concerns or symptoms you may experience. But above all, enjoy this special time as you prepare for the exciting arrival of your new baby!

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