Our podcast

Real Birth Stories is a podcast about the incredible and unique ways that women bring
their babies into the world.

We often hear birth stories second-hand…in fact, we live in a culture that loves a theatrical and often horrifying
birth story! It’s about time the myths were busted

Real Birth Stories put parents in the driving seat of their own stories, so you get the facts straight from the
mother’s mouth. Each episode focuses on a different mother’s experience, and they are all so different and so
inspiring. If you are pregnant or just interested in birth, then this podcast is for you!

Your hosts are two best friends:


Scarlett - host

Hello, I’m Scarlett, friend of our wonderful butterbean creator Lucy.

I’m a woman in her thirties who is, as Lucy puts it, a ‘Mum in the making’. I have no kids of my own, and am no expert on what it means to bring a person into the world. So you can expect a lot of questions from me about parenthood!

I met Lucy at university and have always been inspired by her ability to create community. I’m keen to hear from other women about this very natural thing called birth that still, for some reason, carries an air of mystery. I feel very lucky to be able to hear their stories, and I hope our conversations can create a space where women realise they are not alone in their experiences: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Lucy - host

Hi! I’m Lucy - antenatal educator and advocate against birth

I’m here to spill the truth and empower women. My role on the podcast is to host the conversation, but also to shed light on the facts about labour and feeding. Scarlett is one of my oldest and best friends. In a way, she represents women everywhere who are considering having children. I want to give her - and all women in this position - the best chance of having a really good birth and feeding experience one day. If I can give this gift to my friend, then I can give it to anyone listening!