Kirstin’s Positive Induction Birth Story

Kirstin's Positive Induction Birth Story

I would say had a very straightforward pregnancy, relatively speaking. The usual going to bed at 7pm during the first trimester and only eating beige foods, followed by the ease of the second trimester and then the back pain and thumb twiddling of the third. I like to know what I am getting myself into so I read everything I could about vaginal births, water births, pain relief – mainly so I knew what I didn’t want – and hypnobirthing!

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Francesca’s Birth Positive Home Birth Story

Francesca's Birth Positive Home Birth Story

I’m a first time mum to a baby boy who was born at home, in February 2023. I’d planned a homebirth from about 20 weeks. I’m not in any way anti medicine, but I am very uncomfortable in medical settings. I knew I’d feel most comfortable at home, and I did more research than I probably did for my degrees before settling on the decision!

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Lucy and Frankie’s Birth Story

Lucy and Frankie's Birth Story

As I sit here with my 3-week-old baby sleeping next to me, it’s hard to believe how his birth panned out. Not to over dramatise things but Frankie’s birth was exactly what I had planned and the opposite of what I expected. I woke at 4.30am on 24th April with some pains at the front of my pelvis. I was 41 weeks pregnant – according to my due date calculator. Up until this point I had been waiting weeks for labour to start, I had been having regular cramps as my body started to prepare but I had become so used to them that I’d started to shrug off any new signs as just another warmup round.

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Hannah and Olive’s Birth Story

Our beautiful daughter was born on 4th September 2019 at 1am weighing 7lb 2oz – I really wanted to share my story as my birth was such a positive empowering experience – even when it didn’t seem like things were going to plan I managed to stay calm and in control and want other women to know they can do it too! Being a pregnant midwife I would say is a help and hindrance in equal measure – it’s so good to be informed of all your options and does take away the ‘fear of the unknown’ element of birth. Also working on the birth centre I see natural, empowering birth all the time but also know that sometimes things don’t always go to plan.

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