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By Lucy Woodbridge, founder of Butterbean

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Best Baby Weaning Sets

Weaning is an exciting milestone for your little one, and to ensure a smooth transition to solid foods, having the best baby weaning products, including a baby weaning set, can make mealtimes a joyous experience.

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Why Baby Weaning Sets Matter

Baby weaning sets play a pivotal role in your child's weaning journey, especially if you're adopting the baby-led weaning approach. These sets provide you with all the essentials you need to start this exciting phase:

Weaning Spoons

Your weaning set should include specially designed spoons that are gentle on your baby's delicate gums. They should be lightweight and easy for your baby to hold. Look for spoons made from BPA-free plastic or silicone, ensuring safety for your little one. Whether you're practising spoon-fed weaning or baby-led weaning, these spoons are ideal.

Bowls and Plates

Babies need a designated place to enjoy their meals. The best baby bowls and plates come with non-slip suction features, keeping the dinnerware securely in place and preventing spills on the floor.

Sippy Cup

Transitioning your baby from a bottle is essential for their dental health. Some weaning sets include cups or beakers with excellent grip and easy-hold handles, facilitating this transition seamlessly.

Additionally, to cope with the inevitable mess that accompanies mealtimes, consider investing in a floor splash mat.

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Best Baby Weaning Products

Now, let's explore some of the top-rated baby weaning products that not only make mealtime hassle-free but also add a touch of style to your baby's dining experience:

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Annabel's Baby Toddler Recipes

Do you struggle to come up with creative recipes for your little one? Bored of baked beans, fish fingers and the usual 'kid food' we all tend to fall back on?

Annabel Karmel is on hand to help. Download the Baby Toddler Recipe app and find 700+ recipes at your finger tips. Plus, new recipes are added every week! Once you've chosen your recipes simply add them to the meal planner and update your shopping list. Easy as that!

We love this app because it's affordable, has sooo many awesome recipes and it's super easy to use.

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Ikea, Antilop

The most important feature of a high chair - easy to clean. When you're weaning your baby, you will find food in every nook and cranny of the high chair. Having a chair that doesn't allow for places to hide is therefore essential!

The Antilop high chair may seem like the most basic looking chair out there but from a practical point of view it's the perfect budget option that is super easy to clean down. Plus, it comes with a newborn insert so if you have a baby who's on the smaller side they can be supported with the insert meaning more comfort for them!

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Chomp EveryKid Coverall Bib

Your MUST-HAVE weaning essential! Minimise mess and maximise fun with our multi-use, award-winning baby & toddler coverall.  The Chomp award-winning, EveryKid Bib has been thoughtfully designed to make weaning adventures more enjoyable for both parents and babies. Unlike traditional bibs, it boasts a unique built-in, waterproof chest-level pocket that minimizes the need for additional silicone scoop bibs. This signature design not only maximizes comfort for your little one but also reduces the number of items to clean up after meals. The coverall bib also comes with a second bottom level pocket as well, perfect for catching those falling crumbs during mealtimes. When dinner is done, both pockets can be folded flat for easy cleaning and even used for messy play activities. Our adjustable neckline with snap buttons replace the conventional velcro closures, ensuring the bib grows with your child. The soft and elasticated wrists provide additional comfort and flexibility, accommodating your inspiring little eater from 6 to 36 months and beyond. Chomp's commitment to sustainability is evident in our use of off-cut materials for the matching carry case, reducing wastage and supporting eco-friendly practices

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Mama Shack Splash Mat

Let your little one get messy in style with one of these gorgeous splash mats. Weaning is really fun but it's also super messy (which is part of the fun!).

You won't be able to avoid food going all over your baby but you can at least save your floor from total anhiliation. The Mama Shack splash mat is your go to mat for weaning. Not only will it save your floor, it also looks nice so you can avoid having the equivalent of a tarpauline on the floor (which is likely to clash with your interiors!).

You can also use the mat for messy play - painting, drawing, playdough... unless you want a multi coloured table you'll need a splash mat and Mama Shack is our top recommendation. Hit the button below to get yours today.

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Charlotte's Online Weaning Course

When it comes to getting started with weaning, Charlotte Stirling-Reed is our go to guru for all method and recipes. Charlotte's online course will make weaning seem less overwhelming. It includes live Q&A's, real videos of babies trying foods, lots of really delicious recipes AND a baby first aid course so you can feel more confident and in control about your baby's first mini meals.

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Baby Nom Spotty Green Feeding Bib

Get your little one ready for weaning with our long sleeved waterproof bib in an eye catching ‘green spot’ print, designed exclusively by us.
Perfect for enthusiastic eaters from 4-6+ months onwards, it’s durable enough to handle all kinds of mess and food stains, even dreaded Bolognese mishaps!

Our bibs are made from quick drying polyester fabric, that can be easily wiped clean or popped in the washing machine. The soft smooth touch fabric is super gentle on baby’s skin, with buttons around the neck for easy on/off fastening for little wrigglers. Plus, a catch all front pocket helps to contain the inevitable mess.

It comes carefully packaged in a presentation box, and makes a great baby shower gift.

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How to Wean Your Baby

Written by Children's Nutritionist - Charlotte Stirling-Reed - How to Wean Your Baby talks you through safety, allergens, how to get started, how to create a comfortable and encouraging environment and you get lots of recipes that the whole family can enjoy.

Lucy (creator of butterbean) used this book when weaning Ivy who then went on to have a really versatile appetite (and a big one too!). It was super easy to follow, really accessible and a genuinley helpful reference guide.

We can't recommend this book enough!

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We simply love Baebea's weaning products.

Made from super soft silicone - robust enough to handle an enthusiastic eater but soft enough to be kind to little hands.

The colours of the weaning kits are also just gorgeous. Earthy, warm tones coupled with simple designs make these sets a must have for any home.

If you're new to weaning then check out Beabea's award-winning 'Baby Foodie Feeder'. This clever piece of kit enables a smoother transition from milk to solids.

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Nohla’s award-winning eco-friendly dinnerware for babies and toddlers ticks all the boxes. Sustainable, stylish, and practical – what’s not to love? Created without the use of any plastic, BPA & toxins, lead, melamine, or phthalates, whilst also using bamboo that is grown and harvested without the use of pesticides – you can keep your conscience clean (even if that’s the only thing that remains clean) at mealtimes. Nohla’s unique designs are crafted with love and care to encourage little ones to explore new foods and make mealtimes fun and easy for both baby and parent! For example, the British brand’s spoons have FDA-approved silicone tips to make it easy on baby’s gums and easy to clean for mum & dad – win win!

Use the code BUTTERBEAN20 for 20% off!

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Enable independant eating with the RYLOOBABY Baby Snack Cup.

The silicone edges allow for their little hands to slide in and out to fetch their snack and the cap will stop said snacks falling out!

Perfect for older babies and toddlers!

Prepare for Birth with Butterbean

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Learn all about your incredible body with butterbean. Our multi-award winning hypnobirthing course will equip you with everything you need for the birth of your dreams. No matter how you want to give birth, we've got you covered!

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