Best Maternity Clothes

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By Lucy Woodbridge, founder of Butterbean

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Best Maternity Clothes for a Stylish and Comfortable Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey, but it often comes with a wardrobe challenge. As your body changes, so do your clothing needs. Whether you're growing a neat bump or experiencing a full-body transformation, finding the right maternity clothes is essential for both style and comfort. In this guide, we'll explore the best maternity clothing options in the UK for 2023 and beyond.

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Tips for Buying Maternity Clothes

Embrace Modern Styles

Gone are the days of dated cotton tent dresses. Maternity fashion has evolved to offer a wide range of options. From maternity workwear to tailored outfits, swimwear, and activewear, you can find stylish choices that cater to your unique needs.

Explore a Variety of Designs

Maternity clothing designs vary widely. Some maternity jeans feature a full elasticated band over your bump, while others scoop underneath it. You'll also find options with elasticated waists or stretchy panels to accommodate your changing body throughout pregnancy and beyond. It may take some trial and error to discover the style that suits you best.

Think Long-Term

Many maternity tops, dresses, bras, and vests are designed to transition seamlessly from pregnancy to breastfeeding. Even if a garment isn't specifically labelled for breastfeeding, it might have functional features like buttons or zips in the right places. Consider your post-pregnancy needs when making your choices.

Seasonal Considerations

Plan your maternity wardrobe based on the season you'll be in during your later stages of pregnancy. Will you need a winter coat or lighter clothing for warmer weather? Maternity leggings and thinner dresses are ideal for summer, while a good coat might be essential in colder months.

Create a Capsule Wardrobe

Building a capsule maternity wardrobe can be cost-effective. Focus on essentials like maternity leggings, jeans, and a few versatile dresses that you can mix and match. This approach allows you to create numerous outfits without breaking the bank.

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When should I start wearing maternity clothes?

You'll likely need maternity clothes around 4-5 months into your pregnancy as your bump starts to grow. However, you may require them earlier, especially if it's not your first pregnancy. It ultimately depends on your comfort and preferences.

What size maternity clothes should I buy?

In general, choose maternity clothes that match your pre-pregnancy size. For example, if you were a size 14 before pregnancy, opt for maternity size 14. Keep in mind that weight gain during pregnancy varies, so trying on clothes in-store can be helpful.

Do I really need maternity clothes?

The necessity for maternity clothes varies from person to person. While some can make do with their existing wardrobe by wearing loose tops and dresses alongside leggings or trousers with waistband extenders, most find maternity pieces more comfortable in later pregnancy.

The Best Maternity Clothes in the UK 2023

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BABYGO® Maternity Leggings

Who said maternity leggings couldn’t be stylish? Certainly not us! We have designed the perfect pair of leggings you will want to wear for 9 months straight. So soft, they feel like butter, our gentle compression pocket supports and grows with your bump, relieving tension without compromising on style. The sculpted fit, provides a gentle locked in support, helping to stretch with your growing body and flatter your figure. A staple for your wardrobe, maternity leggings built to last you from your first trimester, right through to your last. Feel confident and look amazing each and every day.

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The Najell Puffer Carrying Jacket

The Najell Puffer Carrying Jacket is the ultimate addition to your winter maternity wardrobe. Fits women’s sizes XS to XL. The Najell Puffer Maternity Jacket is water repellant, has a soft fleece lining and plush padding. Making it perfect for colder days, both during and after pregnancy. The wrap-around design adjusts easily to accommodate your growing bump. When your baby has arrived you can wear around your baby carrier to protect both of you from the cold. It comes with an included neck warmer, meaning you're ready for anything - no matter the weather.

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The Najell Carrying Jacket

A warm and cuddly carrying jacket in teddy. Fits women’s sizes XS to XL. The Najell Carrying Jacket has a soft fleece lining and is perfect for wearing on chilly days both during and after pregnancy, and with or without your baby. The wrap-around design makes it easy to adjust the size to fit your bump or baby carrier. With the included neck warmer, you'll be ready to brave the cold. Buy an additional neck warmer for your baby, and you can match it together.

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Seraphine Reversible Maternity & Baby Wearing Jacket

Two coats for the price of one, and it transforms for babywearing too! The Seraphine Reversible Maternity & Babywearing Jacket is the ultimate versatile style. Lightweight & shower-resistant, the quilted coat is made with recycled padding - ideal for those transitional months of the year. Choose from classic black or flip it inside out & walk on the wild side with the cool animal print. After baby arrives, a detachable kangaroo panel attaches with poppers at the front to fit over your baby carrier or sling.

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H&M - Best Maternity Range for Everyday Basics

H&M's MAMA range is a favourite among expectant mothers for its everyday essentials. From leggings and knitwear to vests, jeans, and tops, H&M offers a variety of plain-coloured items that can be mixed and matched. The affordability of their range, including great sale items, makes it an attractive choice. Many H&M stores also carry the maternity line, allowing you to try before you buy.

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Lovall - Best Maternity Leggings

Maternity leggings are a must-have item, both during pregnancy and postpartum, especially after a c-section. Lovall (formerly Love Leggings) comes highly recommended by parents. They offer various sizing options, including petite, tall, and regular lengths. With an array of colours and detailed information on support and breathability, Lovall leggings cater to diverse preferences. This brand also extends its offerings to jeans, trousers, and tights in their maternity range.

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New Look - Best Value Maternity Wear

New Look provides stylish maternity clothing at budget-friendly prices. Their range includes day-to-day basics, tees, swimsuits, and even special occasion maternity dresses. Expectant parents appreciate both the affordability and the variety of designs. You can shop in-store or online, making it convenient for every budget and maternity style.

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Boohoo - Best Range of Maternity Wear

Boohoo boasts one of the largest selections of maternity clothes in the market. Whether you prefer loungewear or trendy maternity fashion, their extensive collection has something for everyone. Mums-to-be appreciate the value for money and the wide range of patterns and designs available. Whether you need a casual plain cardigan or a stylish blazer for work, Boohoo has you covered.

When it comes to maternity clothing, comfort and style need not be compromised. The UK clothing market offers a variety of options to cater to every pregnant woman's needs and preferences. From Seraphine's royal-approved designs to H&M's affordable basics and Lovall's highly-rated leggings, you can confidently embrace your pregnancy journey in style.

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