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By Lucy Woodbridge, founder of Butterbean

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Top 10 Maternity Bras for Expecting and Nursing Mums

Pregnancy is a transformative journey filled with surprises, and one of the most unexpected changes for many first-time mums is the rapid growth and transformation of their breasts. Even before your baby bump starts to show, your breasts may undergo significant changes, making your pre-pregnancy bras uncomfortable. Finding the perfect maternity bra is essential for comfort and support during pregnancy and post-birth, especially if you plan to breastfeed. In this guide, we'll explore the top 10 maternity bras that will cater to your needs from pregnancy through postpartum.

When to Invest in Maternity Bras

As soon as you discover you're pregnant, your body begins to change, including your breast size. In some cases, breast changes are among the first signs of pregnancy. To ensure proper support, it's advisable to start wearing maternity bras when you notice changes in your breast size. Additionally, regularly getting fitted for new maternity bras during pregnancy is crucial as your breasts continue to grow.

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Maternity Bras vs. Nursing Bras: Are They the Same?

Shopping for maternity bras can be confusing as some are labelled maternity bras, while others are called nursing bras. So, what's the difference? Maternity bras are designed to provide support during pregnancy, accommodating the changes in your breasts. On the other hand, nursing bras are intended for breastfeeding, featuring convenient access for nursing. Interestingly, many maternity bras can also function as nursing bras, making them versatile choices for both pregnancy and postpartum.

The Importance of Adaptable Bras

While it's tempting to think that one bra can cover your entire journey from pregnancy to postpartum, it's essential to consider that your body will undergo significant changes. Your breasts will fluctuate in size throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding. Therefore, keeping maternity nursing bras of different sizes on hand can prove invaluable when you need to adjust your support.

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Features to Look for in Maternity and Nursing Bras

If you plan to breastfeed, there are specific features to consider when selecting maternity bras:

· Nursing bras typically have fastenings on the straps for easy access to the breasts.

· Sleep bras are stretchy, cropped top-style bras without fastenings, designed for effortless nursing access.

Do You Need a Maternity Bra?

Whether or not you need a maternity bra depends on your usual style of bra. During pregnancy, your breasts may become more tender and heavier, and they'll likely increase in size. Padded bras, underwires, or bras focused on style rather than comfort may not be suitable. The key is to wear the right size and ensure you feel adequately supported.

Now, let's explore the top 10 maternity bras that cater to various needs:

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BABYGO® Maternity Bra

Making feeding your little one that little bit easier, with our maternity bra. Complete with super simple to use clips, get easy access for nursing and pumping. We wanted to make our seamless bra feel like a second skin, because you deserve to feel confident and at your best every day. Totally irritation free for everyday comfort and wear, our seam free bra is softer, stretchier and more breathable than cotton, viscose or bamboo. Wireless and with no pads, tags, or hooks, our comfortable bra allows your breasts to breathe, grow and heal without compromising on support! Prefer pads? Our bra allows room for inserting pads if desired.

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BABYGO® Nursing Sleep Bra

Making the night time breastfeeding or pumping sessions that little bit easier, one BABYGO® Sleep Bra at a time. Hypoallergenic, wire and tag free with no hooks, our pull on sleep bra is not just the perfect choice for night time, it is the perfect choice for everyday use and loungewear. A super flattering cross cut design giving you easy access for nursing without the need to unclip anything. This wireless bra is great for both petite and larger busted women.


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New Look Maternity Black Logo Nursing Bra

This elegant maternity and nursing bra from New Look offers both comfort and style. With a non-wired design, a soft printed underband featuring the word 'love,' hook and eye fastening, and adjustable shoestring straps, it's perfect for pregnancy and postpartum. The moulded triangle cups easily clip down, making it ideal for breastfeeding.

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Bravado! Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra

For a sports bra-style nursing bra, consider the Bravado! Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra. Made from stretchy material that hugs your body, it offers full coverage and comes in various colours. Featuring moulded cups and removable foam inserts, it's easy to nurse your baby with its convenient cup drop-down design. The bra is seamless, wire-free, and ensures a smooth silhouette.

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Lace Non Wired Maternity Nursing Bra

George at Asda offers a pack of two maternity bras in different colours, including a charming pink and white set. These non-wired bras feature a pretty lace overlay and bow detail, with fold-down cups for nursing convenience. They also have adjustable straps and a hook and eye fastening.

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H&M MAMA Lace Nursing Bra

If you prefer unpadded bras, H&M's MAMA Lace Nursing Bra is an excellent choice. This two-pack features a crossover front and no fasteners, allowing for easy cup access during breastfeeding. These bras are suitable for both pregnancy and breastfeeding and come in various colour sets, including a stylish black and neutral option. Wide lace straps add a touch of elegance.

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Latched UK Everyday Seam-Free Maternity and Nursing Bra

Latched UK offers a seam-free maternity bra available in black, beige, and white. This non-wired bra is made from soft, stretch fabric for maximum comfort. It's nursing-ready, featuring removable foam pads for a smooth silhouette and drop-down cups with discreet nursing clips for ease.

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Bravissimo Nova Lounge Bra

While not technically a maternity bra, the Bravissimo Nova Lounge Bra is perfect for pregnant and nursing mums, especially those with larger busts. Designed for comfort, it lacks wires and padding, offering a soft, stretchy fabric construction. The crossover front design allows easy cup access for breastfeeding. It comes in various colours, including black, pink, and cornflower blue.

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Hotmilk Heroine Bralette

Hotmilk's wire-free maternity bralette is an excellent option for larger breasts. Made from soft lace and featuring a longer underband, it accommodates sizes D to G. The panelling and full coverage offer excellent support and adapt to your changing size during pregnancy. This bra is not only practical but also stylish, with lace detailing and pretty triple straps at the back. It features a hook and eye fastening and cup clips for nursing convenience.

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M&S Collection Maternity Lace Trim Nursing Bra

M&S offers a two-pack of responsibly sourced cotton nursing bras with added stretch for comfort. These padded bras provide a smooth look under clothes, featuring lace trim and bow detailing for a touch of elegance. They come with adjustable straps and four rows of hook and eye fastenings to ensure the best fit for your changing body. With cup clips for easy access, they are also practical for nursing.

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JoJo Lace Trim Maternity and Nursing Sleep Bra

JoJo Maman Bebe's comfortable maternity and nursing sleep bra come with wide straps and a lovely lace trim detail. Made from soft cotton with added stretch, it's perfect for nighttime wear, helping keep breast pads in place during feeds. The deep back design provides support and comfort, and it's a pull-on style bra with cups that easily pull to the side for convenient nursing.

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M&S Padded Non-Wired Multiway Bra

If you have a special event to attend and need a versatile option, consider M&S's padded non-wired multiway bra. While not part of their maternity range, it offers wire-free comfort and padding. This bra includes detachable multiway straps, making it suitable for various necklines on tops and dresses. However, note that it may not be the most convenient choice for breastfeeding.

Finding the perfect maternity bra is essential for comfort and support during pregnancy and beyond. Your breasts will undergo significant changes, so choosing bras that adapt to your needs is crucial. Whether you prefer a seamless nursing bra, a lace-trimmed maternity bra, or a wire-free option, there are numerous choices to suit your style and preferences.

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