Best Baby Wraps and Carriers

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By Lucy Woodbridge, founder of Butterbean

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Best Baby Wraps and Carriers

Parenting comes with a beautiful set of challenges and joys. One of those challenges is finding the perfect baby sling or wrap that keeps your little one snug and secure while allowing you to tackle all those daily tasks with your hands free. In this comprehensive guide, we explore some of the best baby slings and wraps for newborns to toddlers.

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Why Choose a Baby Wrap

Baby wraps offer a variety of benefits that make them a popular choice among parents:

Incredibly Practical

Baby wraps free up your hands, making it easier to manage chores and daily tasks. They are also more space-efficient than prams and strollers. The best part? There's no limit to how many hours a day you can carry your baby, as long as they are securely fitted, and their airways are always protected. It is a good idea to give your baby time to move freely on a floor mat or blanket but you needn't worry about 'too much' time in a sling - human babies are 'carry mammals' and expect to be carried a lot!

Comfortable for Both Baby and You

The soft, stretchy fabric of baby wraps provides unmatched comfort for both you and your little one. Unlike baby carriers with buckles and clips that can dig into your skin, wraps offer a cosy and snug fit.

Aid in Postnatal Recovery

Using a well-fitted baby wrap can aid in your postnatal recovery. Carrying your growing baby helps strengthen your muscles and fitness. Plus, it triggers the release of oxytocin, the 'love hormone,' which can alleviate symptoms of postnatal depression and help boost milk supply.

Happy and Settled Babies

Babies often feel happier and more settled in baby wraps and slings. The gentle movement as you walk and the sound of your heartbeat provide a sense of security. This engagement with the world around them is crucial for their physical, cognitive, and emotional development.

Accommodate Different Sizes

Contrary to common misconceptions, wraps are not limited to women. They are designed to be accommodating for different body sizes and shapes. In fact, many men find them very comfortable. Some wraps can even be used for twins!

What to Keep in Mind When Using a Baby Wrap

Here are some important considerations when using a baby wrap:

Usable from Day One

You can start using a baby wrap and carriers from day one. It's a good idea to practice tying it before your baby arrives. Trust us; it's much simpler than it looks!

Stretchy Wraps Can Be Pre-Tied

Stretchy wraps can be pre-tied, making them convenient for daily use. You can put one on at the start of the day and simply pop your baby in and out as needed. You can also keep a baby carrier on and just loosen the straps when you need to take your baby in and out.

Outgrown by 3-6 Months

Stretchy wraps are typically safety tested for babies up to toddler weight, but practically, parents often switch to a non-stretchy sling as their baby gets heavier and more active.

Consider Having at Least 2 Carriers

For the early months, a soft wrap is ideal, especially for use around the house. As your baby grows, consider a more long-lasting, multi-position carrier to last through the toddler years.

Ensure a Tight and Snug Fit

A snug fit is essential for your baby's safety. A loose wrap can allow your newborn to slump down, potentially restricting their airways.

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How to Wear a Baby Wrap Safely

Safety is paramount when using a baby wrap:

·   Babies should always be carried upright to ensure their airways are open and clear.

·   Make sure the wrap is well tightened so that your baby cannot slump inside it.

·   Always keep your baby's face visible; never cover it with fabric.

·   Be cautious not to overheat your baby; remember that your bodies add layers of warmth.


Now, let's explore the top picks for baby slings and wraps.

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Najell Rise

The Najell Rise Baby Carrier takes baby wearing to the next level. With minimal settings yet maximum comfort, it’s never been easier to get your baby into the perfect position every time. The best baby carrier for newborns all the way up to 15kg, we’re raising the bar for baby wearing.

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AmaWrap Baby Sling

Manufactured in the UK, AmaWrap slings are used in UK hospitals for premature babies. They offer a wide range of colours and prints, and the wide shoulder straps and head cover make it perfect for discreet breastfeeding.

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RYLOOBABY Sling promotes bonding while keeping your little one cool and calm. Our safe, durable and breathable wrap will become an everyday essential that you and your baby will love. The ideal daily go-to wrap. Not only does it compliment everything in your wardrobe, its versatility and one size fits all makes it a firm favourite with all parents, meaning you can share the baby-wearing fun!

Baby loves the feeling of being on your chest, hearing your heartbeat and temperature, making it a wonderful bonding tool.The RYLOOBABY SLING is supportive, soft and lightweight. It allows optimum positioning for the baby, and has been deemed by the IHDI as being a “hip-healthy” product.

• Suitable for newborns, infants & toddlers (7-35lbs / 3-15kg).

• Premium cotton blend - 95% Cotton / 5% Spandex.

• Comes with a drawstring bag and instruction manual.

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Izmi Baby Carrier

Izmi Baby Carrier - £85 (+10% off with code BUTTERBEAN10)

Complicated, bulky baby carriers can be a headache. So, Izmi designed a super easy, compact baby carrier that fits in your bag.

Adjustable from 0-12 months, this soft little baby carrier is brilliant from day one - even with smaller newborns from about 2.3kg (5lbs. No faff, no bulky padding. It's perfect for wearing at home as you can a actually sit down and go to the bathroom!) easily in it. And it's supportive enough to wear outside all day long.  We LOVE that it packs down really small, so you can chuck it in your bag or keep it under your buggy just in case.

Both mums and dads love it. It ergonomically adjusts to grow with your baby and offers 4 carrying positions - so you'll have all the options. It's breastfeeding friendly and a great carrier to use after a c-section thanks to its unpadded waistband.

So you're looking for something between a soft wrap and a more structured carrier - this is the PERFECT in-between carrier.

Grab your baby carrier by clicking on the link below for 10% off with the code BUTTERBEAN10 (affiliate link).

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Izmi Baby Wrap

Izmi Baby Wrap - £55 (+10% off with code BUTTERBEAN10)

These stylish bamboo baby wraps feel as beautiful as they look. Made with silky-soft, cool-touch bamboo, you can use an Izmi Baby Wrap from 2.3kg (5lbs). You can even use it with twins!

It's the perfect fourth-trimester sling and fits absolutely EVERY mum and dad.  Simply tie on the Izmi Wrap then pop your baby in and out through the day. Great for breastfeeding, indoors, outdoors - and gives your hands back, so you can get on with your day.

The naturally thermoregulating bamboo fabric means you'll both stay snug without overheating. We can't recommend these highly enough!

Grab your baby wrap by clicking on the link below for 10% off with the code BUTTERBEAN10 (affiliate link).

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Ergobaby Aura Baby Wrap

Made from lightweight viscose fabric, the Ergobaby Aura Baby Wrap is perfect for summer and offers a comfortable fit for various body types. It even comes with its own inbuilt storage bag for added convenience.

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Freerider Co. Eucalyptus Baby Sling

For eco-conscious parents, the Freerider Co. Eucalyptus Baby Sling is made from sustainable Tencel materials. It's super comfortable for newborns and boasts excellent moisture absorption.

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Tag Togs Sa-Be Stretchy Wrap

Handmade and available in a variety of colours, the Tag Togs Sa-Be Stretchy Wrap offers both parent and baby comfort. While it's great for newborns, it might not provide enough support for toddlers.

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