A Quick Hospital Birth - Louisa's Story

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A Quick Hospital Birth - Louisa's Story

Having had almost 4 weeks enjoying the start of my maternity leave before baby’s arrival, with my due date approaching I was feeling ready (as I’d ever feel) to give birth.

It was the Thursday morning before the coronation weekend and my Mum popped round with cupcake cases as I was planning to bake for their street party. About 5 minutes before her arrival my waters broke whilst I was on the loo. As I was on the loo and it wasn’t a huge amount of fluid I wasn’t convinced at this point my waters had broke. I told my mom to go to work, showered and tried to relax not even calling my husband at work at this point having read it can take up to 48 hours after waters have broken before delivery.

Quite quickly I was getting period like cramps in my stomach and effectively used my gym ball to manage them. After about an hour of this increasing in intensity I called triage and my husband and was advised to make my way to the maternity hospital. My husband made it home in about half an hour and shortly after we were on our way. By this point the pain was rapidly increasing, I spoke so few words to my husband I think I just zoned out or honed in on the surges.

It was all happening so quickly I didn’t really get chance to time the surges and I didn’t know at this point I was having actual contractions. With a short walk from the car park to the hospital and the pain intensifying I was quickly taken round to the maternity unit for assessment. As soon as I got into the delivery suite for an assessment I felt the urge to poop which didn’t happen but this is when I had ‘the show’. This shocked me as I didn’t expect quite so much blood but the midwife and student quickly reassured me. Once I’d gotten into my nightie (as it was about a million degrees in the room) they assessed me to see how dilated I was. I was told then I was 8cm. From my waters breaking until then about 3 hours had passed.

Feeling so relieved already that I had progressed so quickly I asked for some pain relief as I’d had nothing by this point. The midwife advised that I have gas and air due to where I was at and it wasn’t likely I would have a water birth as per my birth plan due to not having time to get it filled. I went with their advice and stood leaning over the bath, tightly gripping the gas and air with my husband rubbing my back listening to the Freya app swaying side to side. Apart from a brief time sitting on some sort of birthing stool I found it most comfortable swaying and standing and gave birth standing up at 3.08pm to a baby girl without any additional pain relief or intervention. I’m pretty sure I was in complete shock due to the speed of the delivery and also my husband and I had convinced ourselves we were having a boy despite not finding out the gender. I was so lucky my Mum finished work at 3 pm and happens to work onsite at the hospital and came straight to us which was so special.

I did find the afterbirth to be painful and used the gas and air for this too and this was the only time using it I felt light headed. I was transferred up to the ward afyer being told I’d be staying in overnight but had hoped I’d be discharged the next day. I’d had a fast heart rate since the birth and the Drs were wanting to rule out a blood clot but I was discharged after 2 nights in hospital with some outpatient scans that unfortunately didn’t go quite to plan but I didn’t have a PE in the end and I suspect it was down to ‘shock’.

All in all I am so grateful for a quick and intervention free delivery and was so surprised at how ‘manageable’ the pain was and I have a deep respect for what my body did.

I believe being relaxed and feeling prepared allowed me to have such a positive birth experience. Now I have a 6 month old and honestly am just counting all my blessings.


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