A Quick Birth Centre Birth - Paige's Story

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A Quick Birth Centre Birth - Paige's Story

I spent the week leading up to my second birth in hospital with sepsis which left me with a lot of time to overthink it all. Every single birth scenario crossed my mind and I tried to prepare for. All except how my actual birth went!

On my due date, I remember being inundated with the “any signs?” messages and replying “no signs, he seems happy where he is!”. I went to bed that night sad that I wasn’t getting a due date baby!

I woke up at around 11ish that night and went for a wee. When I wiped there was the tiniest drop of blood on the paper and I wondered if this could be it. I went back into my bedroom and just stood at the side of the bed with an uneasy feeling in my stomach. My husband asked if I was ok and I said I think he’s going to make an appearance soon, with him replying my bump looked exceptionally low. I started to feel some tightenings but wasn’t sure if it was braxton hicks or contractions. Because of the little bit of blood, I called the birth centre and they said to have a bath, take some paracetamol and see if the tightenings intensify and to call them back if they did. While I did this, my husband called his mum to come and look after our 3 year old.

My contractions started to become very intense very quickly. I used a contraction counting app which said head to hospital but it had only been 30 minutes so I called the birth centre again to. While trying to talk to the midwife I had uncontrollable vomiting. It was so forceful I weed all over the bathroom floor (the glamour!). The midwife listened to me breathing through my contractions and asked if I had far to travel to get in. I said it’s only a 15 minute drive and she told me to set off now but if I felt the need to push I had to call an ambulance. I told my husband what she had said and we both joked about it being dramatic as my labour had just started!

My mother in law arrived and we got into the car. The pain was so uncomfortable, even using hypnobirthing breathing techniques. We travelled around 2 minutes down the road and I felt every single turn and bump in the road. I told my husband to pull over quick as I needed to be sick again. Stood outside our local park my waters broke. Gushing! A sudden urge to push appeared and my husband called 999 to explain. We were told our wait for an ambulance would be 3 hours and so we got back in the car to continue (after my husband laid down many protective layers to save his car seat!!). More waters broke while on the journey and by this point there were no breaks between the contractions.

We pulled up outside the birth centre. The pain was unbearable and I struggled to get out of the car. A midwifery assistant had noticed us on the CCTV and came out to ask if we needed help. She tried to help me to walk inside but the pain was paralysing. She frantically waved her arms at the camera to get someone else’s attention for extra help. A midwife came out and said she would transfer me inside in a wheelchair. At this point the urge to push was overwhelming and i began to push. The midwife pushed me into the wheelchair and said “you’re not having your baby out here” and ran me through the corridors like you see in movies. We got into the room and the midwife helped me out of trousers and found meconium in my waters. I was helped up onto the bed and the midwife said they were just going to log into the system and then start some monitoring. I felt my baby move down and I began to push. The midwife turned around and said “oh there’s a head!!”. They scrambled to get everything ready and the midwife told me he was trying to come out like superman (one arm in front of his face) and had to manoeuvre him into the correct position. I felt the dreaded ring of fire and was told just to do gentle pushes to birth his head. Then one more push and he was here! He was placed straight onto my chest and was being rubbed by the midwife. She cut his cord and told the assistant to pull the emergency buzzer. He was awake and breathing but wasn’t going pink and hadn’t cried.

The room flooded with more people than I anticipated, all crowding around my baby. After a few minutes on oxygen, the room slowly emptied and he was passed back to me happy and healthy.

He was born at 00:42, 42 minutes late for being a due date baby and only 1 hour 32 minutes after discovering the blood in the toilet. We had only been in the delivery room 12 minutes when he decided it was his time to arrive which meant the midwife had no time to set up any pain relief, not even gas and air! Everyone always says your second comes quicker but I was not expecting it to be that quick!

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