A Homebirth Birth – Katie and Tom’s Story

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A Homebirth Birth – Katie and Tom’s Story

I’m not a religious person, but I happened to find out I was pregnant on Good Friday and was given an NHS due date of Christmas Day,  so I began to become slightly suspicious that I was cooking a little lady Jesus (a Shesus if you will) and made plans for a post birth photoshoot down in my stable with my little donkey, Victor… it was going to be a social media sensation! However, my baby had other ideas and kept us waiting until 41+1 and a brand new year to make her grand arrival.

My contractions started in earnest on Hogmonay night at around 6pm. We didn’t have any big New Year plans so at around 9pm we decided to try and get some sleep, but by 10.30pm I was too uncomfortable in bed so got up and spent the next 4 or 5 hours pacing around the spare room listening to my hypnobirthing stories. Right from the off my contractions were strong, but fairly well spaced and after a check in with the maternity unit at 3am and a chat with one of the home birth team, we agreed that they didn’t need to come yet and I was just to work away myself.

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New Year’s day was long. My contractions remained circa 5 mins apart and strong all day and we were joined by two midwives around 10am. By tea time they hadn’t gotten any closer together and we decided the midwives should go home as we weren’t anticipating anything changing anytime soon. By this point I was beginning to get a bit tired as sitting or lying down was impossible otherwise the next contraction would be unbearable. At midnight we decided we may as well fill and try the pool as my legs couldn’t take another full night of standing and I was beginning to think I was running out of resilience! I hopped in the water and almost instantly things ramped up significantly. I was delighted to finally be off my feet, but holy moly did the surges become intense! Suddenly I had the oddest sensation. Something. was. coming. out. For a few seconds both my husband and I thought her head had been born, but after suggesting to Tom he had a wee peek to see we realised my waters had finally broken…. but hadn’t burst, so I was left with a bag swinging about gently banging off my thighs like a veritable dairy coo! At this point I got Tom to cut my knickers off with the kitchen scissors  (I live for the drama!) and we got on the phone to get some midwifery company. I remember telling Laura about my water *situation* and I’m not sure she quite believed me until her and Natalie arrived around an hour later to find it still bobbing about down there! After a bit of settling in and getting me started on the good stuff (entinox!) and me projectile vomming straight in my husband’s face, Laura decided she’d quite like to get me out the pool just briefly to see where we were. She told me later she thought the baby was possibly breech and that was why things were taking so long and why I was already feeling the urge to push. After a quick examination she discovered I was 8cm and the baby was head down, but Laura thought she was back to back and so tried a bit of manipulation with a scarf. I knelt on the floor with my head buried in the couch in a bit of a huff! I got back in the water and feeling glad to live on a pretty remote farm, I mooed my head off until I began to feel I was making some progress with moving her head. The shock of just how nippy it was made me take things very slowly and Molly arrived at 7.13am. I lifted her up for a formal introduction and my furious little rapture baby had arrived all of 37 hours after deciding she would set off!

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The next few hours we spent in a lovely, cosy bubble on the couch beside the fire. Molly fed. I fed. We snoozed and my glorious midwives cared for us for another 4 or 5 hours - even giving me a right good hosing down before leaving us to our brand new lives as a family of 3.


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My birth story isn’t remarkable, but for me it was pretty epic. She got to be born in the kitchen of my family home, where I grew up and where I hope one day she’ll take over from us. I remain in awe of what my body did and forever grateful to be lucky enough for things to have gone my way and to have my little Molly Mairi to keep me company in this mad old world!

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