A Birth Pool Birth - Elle and Dylan's Story

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A Birth Pool Birth - Elle and Dylan's Story

I was woken up with tummy pains around 1:40am Monday 21st November, which now I know to be contractions, that came every hour. I lost my mucus plug later in the morning, then as the day progressed the contractions became more regular, sometimes every 10 minutes, every half hour, and at a few stages I was having 3 in 10 minutes however not for longer than an hour. I tried to spend the day resting as much as possible, although my contractions were more painful and slowed down when I was lying down! I breathed through them all, just riding the wave, repeating my positive affirmations in my head. I watched Frozen 2 and Moana, the World Cup, bounced on my ball with my comb in hand, and tried to eat and drink as normal. Decided to phone the maternity line around 9pm when contractions were again 3 in 10 but was told to phone back once they’d been like that for an hour and to try paracetamol, a hot water bottle and bath, and to try and sleep.

My contractions were more painful and kept slowing down when I lied down but I was so tired I tried to sleep. I was woken up every 10 minutes throughout the night with contractions lasting between 40-90 seconds. On the 22nd my contractions were still irregular, similar to the 21st I’d have 3 in 10 minutes but this never lasted for an hour. Most of the day my contractions were between every 5-12 minutes. I had a bath and watched more of the World Cup, bounced on my ball, had a longggg bath, used my comb, practised my breathing remembering floppy face floppy fanny, waiting for the right moment to go into hospital. My partner was with me throughout it all and a great support and comfort to me!

An Elective C-Section Birth - Laura's Story

Around 4:30pm I was exhausted and in a lot of pain, in my tummy and my thighs, so phoned labour line again explaining and was sent in for an examination. I had 4 contractions from trying to leave the house, during the journey and we arrived at the maternity ward - the journey was only 15 minutes! I agreed to a vaginal examination as I wanted to know things were actually progressing, as it had been hourssss since they first started. I was 4cm dilated so could stay, and was taken into a room with a pool ready for our water birth. I’m so glad we went in when we did, even though I didn’t meet the 3 in 10 minutes criteria! I was given some more painkillers and encouraged to wait as late as possible before having gas and air and getting in the pool as my preference was to have as little intervention as possible.

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Contractions continued pretty regularly, I spent most of the time on the toilet (dilation station!) or on the ball, leaning into Dylan for support, or bent over the bed with my him rubbing my back. Our midwife was amazing and gave us so much space, she only came in to check baby’s heartbeat every hour, and I wasn’t examined again or even asked. My contractions changed and I felt the need to push so asked for gas and air and for the pool to be filled up. Our midwife agreed but then I think she must’ve talked to someone else who suggested acupuncture and massage oils, but by the time she came back with them I said no I definitely need to push and that definitely isn’t going to cut it ???? so finally got some gas and air and just waiting for the pool to fill up. Got in there at 10pm, the lights were off, birth playlist on, and I felt so much more comfortable, and excited - we were going to meet our boy soon! This really helped me mentally get through each contraction. And then our Marley was born at 22:44 weighing 6lbs 14oz. And on his due date! 22/11/22 - little angel baby! In the pool just as we planned, using gas and air, FFFF and KICO! To Green Papaya by Lianne La Havas ???? We stayed in the pool having a cuddle, he was sooo calm, so soft and so so beautiful. Eyes wide open just looking around - took a while before he did a little cry but then just chilled out again! We waited until the cord went white for Dylan to cut it, which seemed to be really quick, he then took Marley whilst I got out of the pool and on the walk to the bed my placenta just plopped out ???? just fell out of me onto the floor! Can’t believe how hefty it was! That golden hour and oxytocin high was just incredible. I had a second degree tear and needed stitches which wasn’t great but I was still on such a high and was holding our baby boy the whole time, and had some more gas and air to help. I had such an amazing experience. We stayed for a few hours, had some tea and toast, and was back home by 5am. Pure magic!


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